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Daniel writes a column for collectors of toys.   See:

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  Kimberly (Paige's Mom)


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Princess Paige

Paige Elaine Pickett

Born June 6, 2003

Burbank, CA

7 pounds 1 ounce    19 1/2 inches

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Here's mom - Gloria.  She was a bit surprised to see the photographer but the important thing to notice is....                                                                 Paige just lost a tooth Sept. 2009

this was taken at a hamfest.

Yep, she goes with me to hamfests............. what a gal......... they just don't make 'em any better.  

BTW - Gloria is WA5SNU.


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Here I am at the same hamfest.   Why am I always smiling?   I don't know........... gas, I guess.                                                      Just proves that Mom and Pop aren't off their rocker.............. yet!

K5LAD House.jpg (7179 bytes) Here's a little better picture of where Gloria and I live.  We're right there on that curve at the lower left.  You can probably see our basketball goal........... HEY!  Wait a minute!!! Somebody knocked down our basketball goal. 


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