Paige - age 4

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Angel Paige and Dad.jpg (120294 bytes)

Paige and Dad.jpg (145293 bytes)

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Paige with her dad

Paige with her dad

Pensive Paige

Paige with her dad

Paige and the ducks - this is at EA - Electronics Arts where dad works

Paige eating goldfish

Happy Paige.jpg (94500 bytes) Paige5.jpg (188931 bytes) Paige and Colette.jpg (358367 bytes) Paige the star.jpg (174578 bytes) Paige and Dad2.jpg (197135 bytes) Paige and guitar.jpg (118014 bytes)
Happy Paige Princess Paige Paige with Collette (her best friend) Paige - the star Paige with her dad Paige then musician
Paige in her costume.jpg (305114 bytes) ParaDay60307.jpg (19299 bytes) Paige and Liliac.jpg (22474 bytes) Paige the dancing star.jpg (126043 bytes) Paige with jewelry.jpg (140348 bytes) Paige head shot2.jpg (50903 bytes)
Paige in her penguin costume (dance recital) Paige and the parachute Paige and Liliac (her doll - matching dress) Paige the dancing star Paige and her jewelry Beautiful Paige
Paige the diamond.jpg (193628 bytes) Paige and Liliac3.jpg (19279 bytes) Paige and the piano.jpg (127774 bytes) Paige3.jpg (376201 bytes) P5210253.JPG (690295 bytes) Paige June1.jpg (83008 bytes)
Paige the actress Paige and Liliac (her doll - matching dress) Paige and the piano Paige with her dad Good hair day
Paige Head Shot3.jpg (44749 bytes) Paige4.jpg (140173 bytes)
Beautiful Paige Red headed beauty





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