Digital pictures available on request - Write concerning any questions you might have.  Many of these items are from silent key estates.

    1.    RAINBOW KITS    DTMF-1 16-digit decoder (unbuilt) kit - $50.00

    2.   DENTRON  GLA-1000 - very little use - includes tuned input board and new tube socket PC board from GLA-1000B - price to be determined

    3.    TRS-80  Pocket Computer Printer Cat. No. 26-3505 for PC-1 Pocket Computer (Cat. No. 26-3501) - $55.00 (original cost              $127.95)  This is unused and in original box with all original documentation and cables.  16 column dot matrix printer,                  includes cassette interface  (with cables), and rechargeable batteries.   (Needs 6v DC center neg. wall wart)  Wall wart and                  Pocket Computer not available.

    4.    CIC HOBBY KITS     21-043 Voice changer (unbuilt) kit - $15.00

    5.    ICOM  TS-1002 Rotation Clock  - $25.00

    6.    VHF ENGINEERING   RF-220D 220 MHz front end board kit (unopened) - $20.00

    7.   DRAKE  TV-3300LP kilowatt low pass filter - $30.00

    8.     WB2OXJ   Ultimate IDer CW ID (unbuilt) kit - $35.00

    9.   ICOM R3 video receiver - $100

    10.   KENWOOD   TR-8300 70cm FM transceiver with crystals - $70.00

    11.  REGENCY   HR2-MS   2 meter FM transceiver with added 8 pole 10.7MHz IF filter - $30.00

    12.  KENWOOD   TR-7200 2 meter FM transceiver with crystals - $50.00

    13.  MFJ Artificial Ground - $75 (used when mobiling in the travel trailer.  Sold the trailer)


      14.   Comtol  RocketPort PCI/Octa/DB25  Card and cables.  Add 8 additional serial ports to your computer without using an extra interrupt.  Includes books for setting up card.  Software is available for download from

 Note:   This picture shows only 4 cables and plugs but unit for sale has 8 cables and plugs.

Complete package ready to add 8 more serial ports - $79.50

PCI-Octa-DB25 card and cables.jpg (2350 bytes)


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