For Sale - TX RX Systems Cavities

I have two TX RX Systems Vari-Notch cavities made for 450-470 MHz.

Vari-Notch.jpg (53639 bytes)

The tags have the following information:

Filter Model 15-70-25

Cavity specs.jpg (104027 bytes)

Filter Type   Vari-Notch

Cavity Vari-Notch.jpg (41653 bytes)

Frequency Band (MHz) 450 - 470

Pass Freq. (MHz) 462.975

Insertion Loss (db) 0.6

Reject Freq. (MHz)   467.975

Attenuation (db)  49

Cavity Construction.jpg (52144 bytes)


New cost.jpg (43058 bytes)

These are in excellent shape and look nearly new although they have been in storage for several years.

New cost - $466 each

I will sell one for $350 or both for $650 or make an offer.

Each one weighs 21 pounds so write for shipping cost.


        Contact me at:   or

         (918) 272-1086

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