Even More Info on Bird Slugs

Thanks to Stein - LA7MI, the actual patent is available for viewing on the Internet.  This is not to assume that someone could take the patent and build their own "Bird" wattmeter but it is very helpful to see the description of the unit and the drawings.  Stein noted that the patent is dated from 1958 so there may be additional changes not shown here.  Thanks Stein.

The patent was found on the European Patent database by clicking on <http://ep.espacenet.com/>.

From Stein's note:

"In the Simple Text field write " Directional Wattmeter". and click Search

Now you get two hits: US2852741 is the Bird 43 patent.

Click at the patent number and a new page turns up. After "Requested Patent" click

at the Patent number US2852741 , and the frontpage of the patent turns up.

The patent is 16 pages ....."

Currently the Bird patent information is located at the following URL: 


If this has not been changed you should be able to click on the above, otherwise, if they have made some changes you should following Stein's note.

Thanks again, Stein.


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