syntax.tcl plugin

This is a placeholder html file for my syntax.tcl plugin for tkMOO-light, the excellent cross-platform MOO/MUD/MUSH chat client. There used to be a long explanation of what this does and why you'd want it and how I got here and where I might go from here and all sorts of other musings, but it disappeared in a horrible disk crash.

So, without further attempts to reconstruct all of that, here's the short version and the link to the latest copy:

syntax.tcl is a plugin for tkMOO-light that adds MOO-code syntax highlighting to the local editor window. It's extensible, itself, via further plugins for other syntax modules, and has a lightweight MOO-mail syntax flavor as an example. It works fine, but could do with lots of fixes and additions. Feedback always welcome.

Download version 0.1.3.

27 Mar 2012 - salvaged from Wayback Machine -
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