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updated Tuesday, 19 June 2003

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alliance.fdf.net 8888
MOOring Member * documentation * web access
[Based on StarWars. You get a FREE personal web page. It is undergoing some major important changes right now: the guild system and space system are being completely redone.]

moo.ansible.org 6000
documentation * web interface
RPG / sci-fi
[Set in the Battle School of the book Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card.]

Arcana 23 March 01
arcana.o-r-g.org 7777 7777
[Opened in November 2000, it is based on the Ghostwheel core. The theme is a Tolkein-style medieval fantasy with a lot of C.S. Lewis, Marian Zimmer Bradley, and other fantasy influences.]

The City
seahorse.acs.brockport.edu 7878
[The year is 1923. You are in America. The game will follow the White Wolf system.]

Crime Lords MOO 19 April 00
wyrm.darkmux.net 1701
[This MOO is under construction. The theme consists of "a modern society in which a number of the worlds superpowers have lost their leaders in a mass planned assasination. With a barely functioning economy the world was driven into chaos where every day life is a struggle to surrvive. The game itself will rely on the RP ablities of it's player base, and assisted by original coded systems of land and sea, air, space, economy, combat, health and advancement. Useless killing of the player base will not be condoned, and will be punished. However player death will be a reality, in an enviroment where food will be a precious commodity and money usless to the less powerful. Player death as a cuase of genuine RP and character concept will also be allowed." The developer writes, "Currently we are in need of coders and wizard staff. As a matter of fact I myself do not nesscarily have to be the arch wizard. I am a storyline developer and I have little to no skill in coding. I am willing to learn to code, but my main intention is to develope the direction of game flow. I have server space and a minimal db setup, now I need the talent to make what I beleive is a good game Idea take off." The server base is running on an AMD K6-2 500 Mhz with 128MB of RAM and a high speed connection.]

CyberSphere MOO
cs.vv.com 7777
altair.vv.com 7777 7777
Web access * documentation * Yahoo Club
sci-fi / RPG
[An RPG MOO set in the dark American future of a fictional metropolis known as Night City. Monolithic corporations and apathetic governments have reduced society to a writhing neo-anarchy of violence and the struggle of the individual to survive. The streets are deadly, and crime runs rampant. Described as, "Virtual reality RPG based in a post-holocaust cyberpunk world. The best dream you've ever had. Hard realism. Non-traditional MOO."]

Dare To Dream MOO
dtdream.cmoo.com 9911
tangerine.cmoo.com 9911
moo.cmoo.com 9911 9911
MOOring Member * documentation
social / RPG
[It is a family moo. The theme is fun/fantasy/nostalgia/magical/mystical. It is "very fun and colorful." There is an RPG section installed and growing. Great for teens. I've have never had a friendlier greeting at any MOO! It is a CMOO MOO which opened 13 March 1999.]
as of 26 February 2001

Dark Legions 23 March 00
grape.cmoo.com 7007 7007
[It is multi-themed involving "The Terran Alliance" and "The Risen". It "is a vision of a future that could very well exist, in an alternate dimension. While combat and death are quite present on this MOO, it is not the primary focus. The primary focus is of the MOO is on humanity itself and how it reacts. It is also meant to be a pleasant pasttime to interact with other people, build friendships, and experience new things in a virtual environment." It is a CMOO MOO.]

Dragon Dreams MOO 15 June 2003
dragondreams.servegame.com 7007
[It is a fantasy set in the world of Khariea, "where elves, pixies, dwarves, and humans bond with telepathic dragons to defeat the threat of the evil gryphons."]

Dragons' Dusk MOO 1 March 00
dusk.otaking.org 5000
moo.otaking.org 5000
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. "Can't have too many Pern MOOs. We try to keep the 'rules' down to a minimum. The Pern 100 turns post-AIVAS is very different from the Pern that still feared threadfall. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds."]

Dragonsfire MOO
isumataq.eskimo.com 7777
moo.eskimo.com 7777 7777
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It is very role-play intensive.]

Final Frontiers aka TrekMOO 20 November 00
trekmoo.planetx.com 2499
documentation * web interface
[Revived by its original creators, TrekMOO is back. Not exactly the same as its original form from 1993, but much of the same spirit of fun.]

FleetMOO 23 March 00
moo.cmoo.com 2222
[They claim to be one of the most unique MOO's ever constructed. They "are focussing on the time after the 3rd world war. Earth has been abandonded to allow for nature to try to heal the problems that were caused by man. Man has therefore went into space and began living and trading there. Unfotunatly some of the restrictions caused most of Earths inhabitants to leave the solar system to try to find a new home. Our story begins with those that decided to remain behind." It is a CMOO MOO.]

Four Seasons MOOFour Seasons MOO
4s.cmoo.com 8989
[An RPG that centers around a totally unique world. Various time zones feature Medieval as well as Futuristic worlds. There are also extensive chat, game, and help areas, so it is bound to have something for everyone. It is a CMOO MOO.]

Galaxy Web: Stellar Epoch 19 June 03
moo.squidsoft.net 6666
documentation * discussion forum
[Learn about an ancient interstellar computer net known as the Galaxy Web. This space MOO has been open to the public since 12 October 2001. There are no guest log-ins, so you will need to create a SquidSoft.net account.]

Gap In Thyme 25 February 01
fluff.dhs.org 1977
[Started in January 2000, it is a non-profit (free) rp-intensive MOO based on Piers Anthony's Xanth series. Permissions have been granted and while the moo has diverged from the books (so as not to interfere with the author's writings), the spirit is pure Xanth.]

Gondolin Station or Gondolin -- see Syrinnia

Gonturan 3 April 02
mth.kydance.net 7777
[It "is free game based on Robin McKinley's Damar novels, and is still very much under construction. However, you are welcome to drop in and create a character if you wish. Anyone familiar with the world of Damar, and with MOO building experience will be stapled to the game and not allowed to leave until they promise to help build."]

Haeric MOO 29 February 00
sandwich.net 8888
documentation * request a character * JAVA interface
[There is an island theme, with distinct lands: Lumis, Narkellia, Jur'gaan, Terra, Auqion, and Airon. The six provinces are each styled after an element: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Light, and Darkness. Each character is also aligned with an element.]

Harper's Tale 5 July 00
harpers-tale.com 7007
documentation * Java Interface * web access
[RPG based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. The game is played with the author's permission.]

Hogwarts MOO aka The Harry Potter MOO 18 March 00
hogwarts.dune.net 7500
[It was created win November 1999 and is based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. The theme is set roughly one hundred years before the first book; Voldemort has not been born, none of the characters of the books appear on their world. They feature a flying system including Quidditch as well as a complete monetary system with exchange rates. It is currently under construction.]

Holo Trek 4 January 01
holotrek.org 1701
[It is a virtual recreation of the Star Trek universe, around the Deep Space Nine era, run by "The Q Continuum". The advanced Role Playing Environment stresses RP and character development. There are three major familiar Star Trek factions, along with an original faction creation, with room to expand. Newbies welcomed.]
(as of 4 January 2001)

Hope Station: Phoenix 1 March 00
phoenix.otaking.org 2132
documentation * theme info
[Set in 2132, it takes place in the aftermath of a system-wide war with an advanced alien race.]

HybridMOO 29 February 00
www.gbdev.org 8888
hybrid.moo.mud.org 8888
documentation * web access
[It is a space aged MOO with many different planets. Different ranks of players do the dirty work of hauling goods, and the higher ranks manage planets. Trade on their commodity or stock exchanges and become filty rich, or aim to become the most powerful player in the game. According to co-ArchWizard ByteNik, it "could be considered theme-less. As long as a planet does not act as if it is not a planet, any theme is acceptable. We use Pueblo extensions to make your playing time even more exciting, since it can be enriched in HTML. We have ANSI color for maximum enjoyment. We try to make HybridMOO appropriate for all ages, although we make no guarantees."]

moo.astroarch.com 9018
RPG / sci-fi
[StarWars-based MOO. Takes place 5 years after Return of the Jedi, and is based on the movies. Not for chatting; currently new characters cannot be created.]

Inner Spheres II 31 May 01
social / RPG
whitestar.soark.net 7777
[It is Inner Sphere MOO resurrected. The theme is based on the original mystical D&D magic theme. It is primarily a social MOO, with a RPG element being developed.]

jm2.sandwich.org 7777
[A bunch of jihaddi running around and no purple dinosaurs.]

Kingdoms of Kaddar 25 February 01
mushhaven.net 4321
[In the three rival kingdoms of Kaddar, the elves, dwarves, and humans all are 'Talented' -- they have small magical powers, such as scrying, illusion, and other small spellcasting. Some rare mages have the powers of the four elements. These are the mages who are the strongest, and when brought together with fire, water, wind, and earth, can destroy the world if they so chose. So the Kingdoms of Srasri, Thaynn, and Kraine have seperated the elemental magi, the school of Fire and Earth in Kraine, Wind in Thaynn, and Water in Srasri. But with the kingdoms verging on war, which of the mage groups will reign victorious? This is an original fantasy world that opened in April 2000.]

LostAges MOO
mudz.org 6969 6969
documentation * JAVA interface
[For a character, e-mail skeetre@gnt.net with your request. Think Medieval Times like King Arthur and knights of the round table... jousting Tournaments, saving damsels in distress, adventure and questing... The time period is around the 14th century. The theme isn't strictly set to be just like this period, or just like King Arthur's knights of the round table, that's just want it's loosely based on. It basically has a fantasy medieval setting with coded combat.]

MithrealMOO 9 March 00
sunray.dyndns.com 5400
social / RPG
[Created in July 1999, it has a theme of medieval and magic. It is mostly social, but an RPG is being built. Merlin the ArchWiz writes, "We're a small, new MOO hoping to bring lots of new players to make this MOO one of their homes. As we are a new MOO, I offer special benefits and rewards to builders especially who will build for the public MOO, and some benefits also for public programmers. I am also currently writing a MUD system which will allow for both MOO and MUD (either basically is optional though) for the players. You will not be required to play the MUD, or play the MOO really, except for certain things that might be necessary (I am still developing this, so to say what it will be like is impossible). I hope you will join us, and leave a message to Merlin if you wish to be a public builder/programmer."]

AandEgames.gameverse.org 9999
["This is the story of a plane of existance that has been lost to the Mana Lands, named Paradoxia by its inhabitants, now trapped together in a dangerous world of magic and nature..."]

Raclya MOO 20 November 00
mushhaven.net 4000
[It is just starting up; the theme is about a divided world called Raclya, where the OldKingdom has divided into two seperate kingdoms due to many misunderstandings. Between theses two divided Kingdoms are the People and intelligent animals which can bond to these humans, share their thoughts, feelings, and beings with their bonded partner.]

Ryksyll MOO 5 July 00
moo.ryksyll.com 8888
documentation * further information * character request * map of the city
[The world is based on the works of Peter Wright on the land of Mycle. It is an adult-restricted game, though not necessarily adult oriented. TS is allowed in most semi-public areas. They are currently accepting more builders and more players so that anyone wanting to can come along and play. They offer mutliple guilds and temples to join, as well as several different species.]

Shadowed Realities: The Genesis 31 May 01
saeihr.com 9876
[The battle of good end evil is taking place. There are several warring orgs. It was created by merging Space Conquest and Shadowed Realities.]

ShadowRun MOO aka ShadowSpace 27 March 01
entropy.ensemblestudios.com 9990 9990
[It "is a combination of two popular RPG themes, cyberpunk and magic. The year is 2053. Magical traits long dormant and suppressed have become active in people and animals once again, causing them to mutate into their true forms. Creatures of myth and lengend once again walk the Earth. The USA has collapsed and reformed into several splinter nations, such as the United Canadian/American States (UCAS). Our setting is Seattle, a small piece of the UCAS deep inside a native American nation; The Salish-Shidhe." It is currently under construction, but you can request a character. It was formally know as ShadowMOO.]

Sindome 29 February 00
sindome.cmoo.com 5555
documentation * timeline
[It has "a cyberpunk theme. Set in a domed Withmore City, known as the 'dome' to the world, in the year 2080 in a post-apocalyptic world."]

Space Conquest II 31 May 01
whitestar.soark.net 6969
[It takes up where the original Space Conquest MOO left off. Due to a artifically created super blackhole, all human, Borth'a and Kzintiz races are forced to flee their worlds from the black destruction following them. These survivors manage to crash land on one of the last habitable worlds left in the destroyed galaxy. These three races have formed new unions to survive on this one world. Its a rpg world with intentions to develope space later.]

Star Stones MOO 4 July 01
starstones.wolfpaw.net 9998 9998
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. Set in the Telgar/Crom regions of Pern, it includes a different range of crafts as well as unique RP opportunities.]

NightsStormy Nights 2 March 00
stormynights.org 7777
bb5.betterbox.net 7777
mud.sector001.org 7777
documentation * mailing list * maps and further info * guide for newbies
["A modern/post-modern RPG where the rain never stops. Separate towns are provided with mass crime, luxury, and modern ammenities. Player vs. player combat is allowed." It was created in March 1999.]

Syrinnia 26 April 00
syrinnia.o-r-g.org 7777
documentation * web login
[Formerly Gondolin Station, it is still in the coding phase if you'd like to help. It is not yet "open to play, however progress is going well. Guests or people wanting to help with development are welcome." It seeks to combine the best parts of Online Roleplaying, Risk, Tradable Card Games, and Microprose's Civilisation to creat a new type of RP/strategy game. The setting is an original, but not totally unfamiliar, fantasy world. Players are leaders in large scale factions - governments, religious orders or magical colleges. Each faction struggles against, or allies with, others to take control of the map. Empires can be built and destroyed, armies trained and sent to attack, the terrain of the world changed with magical spells. Syrinnia features a graphical web based interface for commanding armies and building cities, not unlike Civilisation, using the latest in DHTML advances. Roleplaying is required, and the game systems have been designed to encourage and reward it.]

ToryMOO II: Fulcrum
[They are in the process of finishing up Tory II for its grand opening. If you are interested in helping out, send e-mail to mahapke@adsnet.com.]

VirtuaPern 6 June 01
moo.virtuapern.com 9999 9999
documentation * RPer's Anonymous (newbie Pern guide)
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It exists aproximatly 800+ turns after the Ninth Pass. Currently there is no Thread on VirtuaPern.]

Where No One Has Gone Before 19 October 01
wnohgb.org 1701 1701
[Started in November 1998 and called 'wnohgb' for short, it "is an online interactive role-playing experience for new or advanced gamers, or simply enthusiasts in the star trek universe, featuring full character generation and a coded 3d space system (RealSpace)." It has nearly 600 players and averages 40+ a night.]

Writers of D'ni 15 June 2003
dni.iflipout.com 7250
[It is based on the best-selling computer games of all time: Myst, Riven, and Myst III: Exile. It takes place in D'ni, around 7000 D.E., where the D'ni Council is yet new. It is a roleplaying MOO based within the D'ni universe, where players have free reign to build Ages, explore, meet other dedicated Myst/Riven/D'ni/Cyan fans, and of course, roleplay.]

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