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updated Thursday, 19 June 2003

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DaMoo.csun.edu 7777
MOOring Member * documentation * Web access * JAVA interface * request a character
[Devoted to the notion that online education is the place to be. Explores the possibilities the MOO has to offer researchers, educators, and students. Each new area, conceptualized as planets, spirals out adding new dimensions and possiblities with its own theme and purpose. Running with the cooperation of the Learning Resource Center at California State University, Northridge.]
as of 26 February 2001

Dare To Dream MOO
dtdream.cmoo.com 9911
tangerine.cmoo.com 9911
moo.cmoo.com 9911 9911
MOOring Member * documentation
social / RPG
[It is a family moo. The theme is fun/fantasy/nostalgia/magical/mystical. It is "very fun and colorful." There is an RPG section installed and growing. Great for teens. I've have never had a friendlier greeting at any MOO! It is a CMOO MOO which opened 13 March 1999.]
as of 26 February 2001

Dark Legions 23 March 00
grape.cmoo.com 7007 7007
[It is multi-themed involving "The Terran Alliance" and "The Risen". It "is a vision of a future that could very well exist, in an alternate dimension. While combat and death are quite present on this MOO, it is not the primary focus. The primary focus is of the MOO is on humanity itself and how it reacts. It is also meant to be a pleasant pasttime to interact with other people, build friendships, and experience new things in a virtual environment." It is a CMOO MOO.]

De Digitale Metro 3 April 02
demetro.nl 8888
demetro.nl 902
metro.dds.nl 8888
documentation (in Dutch) * JAVA access (in Dutch)
[This world is in Dutch. It is located around the capital's subway and is only accesible for those who are registered on their home page. Everything is in Dutch, but they are friendly enough to speak your language (if they can.) Most of the residents are able to speak English. Dit is een Nederlandse Moo. Alles is in het Nederlands, maar ze zijn aardig genoeg om in jou taal te praten (als ze het kunnen), de meeste mensen spreken ook Engels.]

Demon MOO 5 April 00
demonmoo.carleton.ca 7777
[It is under development, seeking programmers and skilled guardians. Guests cannot log in. Questions should go to holden@demonmoo.carleton.ca.]

DevolutionMOO 3 March 00
devolution.net 2222
["Many online gamers wish to know more about programming, but can never manage to get on the staff of a game. Sound like you? Perhaps you'd like to take a step into devolutionMOO, where you don't need a staffing position to program. Come in and create fancy gadgets and gizmos, or just goof around."]

Dhalgren MOO 12 October 01
dhalgren.briar.com 7777
a note on the name
social / research
[A small electronic community devoted to interdisciplinary discussion and research, the exploration of connections between art and technology, and the building of long-standing personal relationships. It was originally focused on the exploration and criticism of virtual reality and postmodern science fiction. The theme is inspired by the works of Samuel Delaney, William Burroughs, Philip K. Dick, and others. Set in the nearly abandoned city of Bellona, it is almost isolated from the world by a mysterious catastrophe which continues to distort perception and the laws of physics. It has room classes that provide ambient noise, daytime-dependant descriptions and virtual weather. It was started at Princeton University in 1994.]

moo.ml.org 7777
documentation * Web access
[A new MOO, with no real theme. The DiaMOOnd project is led by Mathieu Fenniak.]

hal.utmb.edu 8888
[A new MOO with lots of room to grow. Self described as, "No rules...no themes...no guidelines...total and complete anarchy. Take all you can eat, eat all you take."]

Diversity University MOO
du.org 8888
moo.du.org 8888 8888
documentation * further documentation * Web access
[It was the first MOO designed specifically for classroom use. It is an experiment in interactive learning through the Internet, and is to be used for serious experimentation in network-based, interactive teaching, learning and social services. To preserve this atmosphere, the administration reserves the right to do unannounced monitoring as required. Information gathered will be treated in strict accordance with the U.S. Federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986.]

Doc's MOO
kaschynna.com 8888
[A social MOO. It has no apparent theme.]

Dominions 24 February 00
confabulation.com 2000
confabulation.com 2001 for users of Text to Speech tools and for non-sighed / non-ascii login
[There is no specific theme set or enforced, so users are encouraged to devise their own theme for their creations. It has an FO that allows players to translate object descriptions and help msgs into any of several different languages (or setup their own translation DB). Also, there is a room that allows players to type in their language, yet other players see the text in 'their' own language(s).]

DoveMOODoveMOO 7 October 00
tangerine.cmoo.com 7700
dove.cmoo.com 7777
grape.cmoo.com 7777 temporarily down 7777
documentation * web version
[It "was created as a place of friendship and caring...it is intended as a family atmopshere...sharing with each other in peace and love with avoidance of conflict. The main thing that is asked of you as a player..in fact...EXPECTED..is that you respect ideas, beliefs, and personhood of others....that you put yourself in their shoes and try to understand what life is like for them. The hub of Dove is the PeaceGarden. In addition there are a number of mailing lists, a chanel system, and a Clothing PC so you may role play if you wish." It is a CMOO MOO.]

DownMOO 12 October 01
moo.downmoo.org 8888
["Where your core crash is our joy." Started on June 13, 1996 by refugees from Lambda, DownMOO is full of self-described GDFONs (God-Damned Freaks Of Nature). Queerness, perversion, and silliness prevail. Occasional coding and scrabble happen. Many players here have asbestos underwear, but the wizards make no bones about toading trolls.]

Dragon Dreams MOO 15 June 2003
dragondreams.servegame.com 7007
[It is a fantasy set in the world of Khariea, "where elves, pixies, dwarves, and humans bond with telepathic dragons to defeat the threat of the evil gryphons."]

Dragons' Dusk MOO 1 March 00
dusk.otaking.org 5000
moo.otaking.org 5000
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. "Can't have too many Pern MOOs. We try to keep the 'rules' down to a minimum. The Pern 100 turns post-AIVAS is very different from the Pern that still feared threadfall. Technology is advancing in leaps and bounds."]

Dragonsfire MOO
isumataq.eskimo.com 7777
moo.eskimo.com 7777 7777
[Based on the Dragonriders of Pern series by Anne McCaffrey. It is very role-play intensive.]

shadowfax.rh.ncsu.edu 9000
[An Urban Fantasy based in the fictitious modern day city, Azington. It focuses on cooperative storytelling in a world where not everything is what it might seem to be.]

Dreistadt 23 March 00
ESL / educational
documentation * JAVA access
[A German language MOO. "Dreistadt ist eine virtuelle Stadt im Internet. Hier kann man sich ganz einfach treffen, mit Freunden reden oder neue Leute kennenlernen, sich ein Haus bauen und einrichten... aber auch Deutsch studieren, Hausarbeiten einschicken, mit Lehrern und Mitstudenten diskutieren. Pädagogisch wurde Dreistadt konzipiert als ein Raum, der den prozesshaften und dynamischen Charakter natürlichen Spracherwerbs betont und sich bewusst zunutze macht. Fremdsprachenlerner können in authentischen und natürlichen Kontakt mit der Zielkultur treten und so auf neue und kreative Weise ihre Sprachkompetenz stärken. It is sponsored by the Universität Bergen/Norwegen, Sektion für humanistische Informatik."]

avatar.phys-plant.utoledo.edu 4444 4444
[Striving to be a 'Garden of Eden' where the world can be built as the users wish it to be. It hopes to "provide an atmosphere free of prohibitive policies, politics, and stupid, obnoxious player classes." Run by The University of Toledo.]

edx3.educ.monash.edu.au 7777
documentation * JAVA interface
[The Education Multimedia Moo at Monash University, Australia. It has enhanced multimedia features available throught the web site. The project is run by the Education Faculty.]

Eftea MOO aka Entertainment For The Easily Amused MOO
moo.cmoo.com 2261
social / sci-fi
[The theme is Babylon 5, the planet Dergart, and Arts & Entertainment. It is a CMOO MOO.]

laurence.v-wave.com 7777
[Self described as: "A Charming Little Metropolis on the Cutting Edge of PostModern Pretension." It's layout mirrors a big person, making an extratopological universe of indeterminate size and shape. The ego is inside the head (where one starts), the superego is outside of the head, and the id is the organs. The MOO intends to implement a tiered reality system of objects/rooms; that is, each room will/should have several descriptions for the reality perception of the viewer.]

archipelago.mvp.com 8888
social / sci-fi
[Time and space are displaced there. It is a planet of islands, called Ea by most of its inhabitants, is now populated by a patchwork of societies from different times and places.]

El MOOndo 28 April 00
moon.pepperdine.edu 7777
gsep.pepperdine.edu 7777
documentation (outdated)
educational / research
[It is aimed at k-12 research and is currently under construction. Some rooms are specially designated class meeting rooms for courses in graduate programs at the Pepperdine University Graduate School of Education and Psychology. They ask you to respect the right of students engaged in formal class meetings to bar your entry into their space.]

emoo.imaginary.com 4242
tecfa.unige.ch 4242
tecfasun1.unige.ch 4242 4242
documentation or documentation or documentation
[Its main purpose is programming and research. Guests are welcome, but it is not accepting any new characters.]

avatar.phys-plant.utoledo.edu 5555 5555
[It is a multi-user virtual environment for promoting the real-time discussion of issues relating to Environmental Health and Safety. EnviroMOO is operated by The University of Toledo Safety and Health Office.]

raven.concord.edu 7777
social / sci-fi
[Contains Ravenloft and other science fiction/fantasy worlds. It is part of a Masters project, so you'll be helping with research. Some observation of behavior may occur, but always in public places.]

spam.rh.rit.edu 8888
[A very new and pretty bare MOO. The free-for-all is not a joke. Everyone gets a programmer bit and a big quota - just ask. Need help? You can ask. Otherwise, you're on your own. No theme, although you're welcome to suggest one. It is running off a very fast NT workstation that is unused most of the time, and it seemed like a waste until it was decided to get some kind of server up and running. So here it is.]

Final Frontiers aka TrekMOO 20 November 00
trekmoo.planetx.com 2499
documentation * web interface
[Revived by its original creators, TrekMOO is back. Not exactly the same as its original form from 1993, but much of the same spirit of fun.]

FleetMOO 23 March 00
moo.cmoo.com 2222
[They claim to be one of the most unique MOO's ever constructed. They "are focussing on the time after the 3rd world war. Earth has been abandonded to allow for nature to try to heal the problems that were caused by man. Man has therefore went into space and began living and trading there. Unfotunatly some of the restrictions caused most of Earths inhabitants to leave the solar system to try to find a new home. Our story begins with those that decided to remain behind." It is a CMOO MOO.]

FooMOO 21 November 00
camel.ethereal.net 4500
[There is currently no theme. It is an environment for MOO programmers to write code that may be ported to other MOOs. It supports ANSI, MacMOOSE, etc.]

Forest MOO
avatar.phys-plant.utoledo.edu 8888 8888
Web access * Java Interface
[Nature theme. Run by the University of Toledo.]

Four Seasons MOOFour Seasons MOO
4s.cmoo.com 8989
[An RPG that centers around a totally unique world. Various time zones feature Medieval as well as Futuristic worlds. There are also extensive chat, game, and help areas, so it is bound to have something for everyone. It is a CMOO MOO.]

FrenchMOO -- see MOO Français

FrontierMOO or The Frontier -- see The Universe

FutureMOO 23 April 00
futuremoo.dyns.cx 7777
futuremoo.dyns.cx 8888
moogeluk.student.utwente.nl 7777
moogeluk.student.utwente.nl 8888
documentation * more documentation
ESL / social
[It is a Dutch, fantasy, social MOO. They are working on several planet where players can live. It began in December 1999.]

Galaxy Web: Stellar Epoch 19 June 03
moo.squidsoft.net 6666
documentation * discussion forum
[Learn about an ancient interstellar computer net known as the Galaxy Web. This space MOO has been open to the public since 12 October 2001. There are no guest log-ins, so you will need to create a SquidSoft.net account.]

GaltMOO 1 March 00
juana.viper.net.au 7777 7777
[Created in February 2000, this MOO is still very small. There is no apparent theme.]

Gap In Thyme
fluff.dhs.org 1977
[Started in January 2000, it is a non-profit (free) rp-intensive MOO based on Piers Anthony's Xanth series. Permissions have been granted and while the moo has diverged from the books (so as not to interfere with the author's writings), the spirit is pure Xanth.]

Ghostwheel MOO
casper.bga.com 6969 6969
[Sponsored by the real-life Real/Time Communications in Austin, Texas. Set in 2600, when society as we know it has been erased by a series of mysterious cataclysms. Dakirion Industries monopolizes weaponry, and also makes recombinant DNA creatures (commonly called recombs). Kilmor Labs is the source of bionics, metal-plated but graceful limbs. And what was once 'The Internet' is controlled by the mysterious Shadowfax, Inc. Magick has reentered the world: dragons fly the skies while a race of gilled humanoids swim beneath the waves. Violence can be found everywhere. It features structured strategic combat, nudity and object-oriented clothing, Scrabble, and ANSI accents.]

gilmour.pvt.k12.oh.us 7777 7777
[A place where K-12 students from all over the world can get together and share ideas and information.]

Gondolin Station or Gondolin -- see Syrinnia

Gonturan 3 April 02
mth.kydance.net 7777
[It "is free game based on Robin McKinley's Damar novels, and is still very much under construction. However, you are welcome to drop in and create a character if you wish. Anyone familiar with the world of Damar, and with MOO building experience will be stapled to the game and not allowed to leave until they promise to help build."]

GTworld MOO
moo.gtworld.org 8888
[It was set up by a group who were involved with the TAG Writing Project at GrassRoots MOO. No guest logins are available and there are strict guidelines for behavior there. It is totally dedicated to the needs of gifted children and their parents.]
as of 26 February 2001

Grassroots MOO
moo.enabling.org 8888
MOOring Member * documentation * newer Java interface * older Java interface
[A Unibase Research and Development MOO. It provides a learning environment where K-12 students are creating their neighborhoods and students from several universities are involved in collaborative study and research. There is a special emphasis on inclusion for those with educational and physical disabilities.]
as of 26 February 2001

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