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The Yaesu FT-736R VHF/UHF transceiver first hit the streets in the late 1990s and became a popular radio for many different groups of hams.  The standard unit came with transmitter/receivers for both the 2 Meter and the 70 cm bands and was designed to be all-mode. i.e., SSB, CW, and FM.  There are no provisions for operating AM with this transceiver.  In addition to all of this, it had provisions for adding, inside the case, two more transverters from a list of three quality transverters.  You could choose any two from:

50 MHz transverter                                 220 MHz transverter                 or                 1.2 GHz transverter

The FT-736R was ideal for the ham interested in operating satellites and several of the built-in features were aimed at making that type of operation more easily accomplished.  It was, for many years, the choice of the most serious VHF and UHF operators and, even now, it remains the first choice of  many of these hams.

Some of the newer VHF/UHF transceivers have seen improvements in the electronic links between the radio and computer to facilitate some logging activities, as well as local and remote controlling of the radio via their computer.  Still the FT-736R has remained a popular and desirable radio among the wide choices of equipment offered to hams today.

I recently was able to obtain one of these fine pieces of electronic machinery and found it to be all that was advertised.  The few things that I wanted, to make my operation more convenient, became projects for me to work on.  Just as many of the other articles on my website were developed because I had a problem or inconvenience and I set out to repair the problem or make my operation more simple, so too are these articles on the FT-736R.  Since I tend to write myself notes about how I repaired or modified a piece of equipment, then misplace my notes, I discovered several years ago that if I collected my notes together, along with pictures showing me what things looked like inside and how I disassembled and reassembled the item, it saved me a lot of time later.  In addition to that, I figured that if I'd had a need to find a way to repair or improve a piece of equipment, then very possibly some other hams might also have that same need.  By placing this information on my website I solved two needs simultaneously.

The following articles are things that improved my operation of my FT-736R transceiver.  Perhaps someone else will look at them and discard them as not necessary for their operating style or hamshack organization.  Perhaps also they might provide to you a spark to help your own ham radio activities.

I hope you will find one or both to be useful for your station.


Jim - K5LAD

Written April 4, 2011 - Last modified - 04/05/2012 13:43:58 PM



I.      How can I power this thing up? -- Adding a 12 volt DC power cable for the Yaesu FT-736R transceiver

II.   Oh, say, can you see? -- Adding a decent S-Meter Light for the Yaesu FT-736R transceiver



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