Silverado Mobile Antennas


The antennas are mounted on the back side of the truck.  The following pictures show the various mounts used by the several different antennas. 

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           The low band antenna is mounted in the rear stake hole on the driver's side using an EZ Mount made by GeoTool.

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The picture above shows the low band antenna (Hustler) mounted in the left rear stake hole with the EZ Mount.  When this picture was taken, the 75 meter resonator was attached and the mast is broken over to allow me to get inside the garage.  To provide some stability when stored or even when driving with the mast broken over, the whip above the resonator is placed in a piece of 1/2" PVC, 3 feet long.  The vertical support is 22 inches of 3/8" PVC with a "T" cemented on the top.  The picture below shows this vertical piece which slides loosely over a 12" piece of 1/2" gas pipe which is screwed into a floor flange from the hardware store.

P7180039.JPG (61660 bytes)

The VHF, UHF, and monitor antennas are all using Motorola NMO mounts.   They are on a device rather difficult to describe but perhaps the pictures will show it more clearly.  It is made of two steel 2 x 4 studs.  These are the C-shaped galvanized pieces which are being used in home and office construction in place of the old familiar wooden 2 x 4 studs.  By putting the two pieces together it becomes a long rectangular steel box-like frame.

The antenna mounts are mounted on the top surface.  The coax runs through the steel box and exits out one side to go down through a corner in the truck bed and on to the previously mentioned PVC "T" connection which brings all cables inside the cab.  The steel box-like piece holding all of these antennas is mounted on the two front stake holes in the bed.  They are held down with the stake-hole hooks which are sold for attaching ropes.  They are made with a big piece of rubber which expands to hold it in the stake-hole as it is tightened down.  These are available at many places including your local Wal-Mart.

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