Repairing a Rotator

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Several different companies, both foreign and domestic, have build various types and sizes of antenna rotators.  The US company Cornell-Dubilier Electronics (CDE) in North Carolina designed and built hundreds and thousands of their units over the decades they were in business.  Eventually, during the 1980s, CDE sold their rotator line, including molds and tooling, to the Hy-Gain Company.  Hy-Gain continued to manufacture the line of antenna rotators until they sold the same equipment and rights to MFJ, Inc. in Mississippi.  There have been some modifications to the original design, especially in the control units, but a comparison of newer units with the original CDE units will see more similarities than differences.  Prices have increased in these products, as prices on almost everything else has increased, but a required part for a 40 year-old CDE rotator is usually still available from the company currently selling the rotator line.  This has been a boone to we hams who like to get the last good measure for any piece of equipment we own.

There are several companies whose primary function is to repair and rebuild these older antenna rotator units for those who are hesitant to open their non-operating rotor.  If you are in that category, a short trip through a current QST or CQ magazine should help you find one of these folks.  I've never used any of them but I've heard good things from people who have so it that's your desire, I would not discourage you.

Personally, I enjoy working on my equipment so when I needed some repair work on one of my own rotators, I chose to do it myself.  I spent some time searching across the Internet but I was surprised at the lack of information available.  I'm not sure why this info is not out there, perhaps most people are using the commercial rebuilders or maybe the people who have done the work on their rotators have not shared their experiences with the ham community.

Several years ago I rebuilt one of my rotors and took pictures and wrote myself notes as I went along.  When I published my article here on my website I received numerous comments of thanks from people who used my information and fixed their rotors.  That article is the first choice on this menu.  I have continued to receive emails from people using this info.  I hope the new addition to the list will be as helpful for some.


            Antenna Rotor Repairs

1 - HAM-M, HAM-II, HAM-III, HAM-IV (Should also help with TR-44, TR-45, etc.)

2 - Tail - Twister

3 - Rotator Questions and Comments

4 - Adding LED Illumination to Antenna Rotator Control Box

5 - Making your own cable connectors for HyGain Rotators

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