K5LAD Ham Shack

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Station consists of Icom IC-756Pro transceiver, Dentron MLA-2500 linear amplifier, Kenwood TS-700A 2m all-mode transceiver, Dentron MT-3000A antenna tuner, Heil Goldline microphone, Kenwood MC-50 microphone, Yaesu FT-817 QRP transceiver, Icom IC-490A 432 transceiver, KLM 160watt 2m linear amplifier, Realistic HTX-100 10m transceiver, President HR-2600 10m transceiver, Yaesu FT-7800 VHF/UHF FM transceiver, Dentron GLA-1000 linear amplifier, MFJ-616 Speech Intelligibility Enhancer,  MFJ-259 Antenna Analyzer, Kenwood Twins (R-599A with 2 & 6 meter converters, T-599A, S-599), Homebrew 4-1000A amplifier, a couple of Bird 43 wattmeters, MFJ-815B wattmeter, Icom IC-2720 VHF/UHF FM transceiver, Icom IC-2340A VHF/UHF FM transceiver,  Kenwood R-1000 general coverage receiver, and Bearcat BC895XLT scanner.  Computer is currently a P4 2.4Gig hooked to just about everything.  The aluminum paneled console was built back in the 70s when I was running SSTV and it had switches to connect almost anything to almost everything.  It now contains the control head for the Tail-Twister rotator (with the RotorEZ interface), a Heath phone patch, a Heath wattmeter, and several more things which I've forgotten and obviously no longer use.

The sign on the wall, to the right of the world map, says, "If a cluttered desk is the sign of a cluttered mind, then what does an empty desk signify?  That pretty well sums up my philosophy.

I use Logger32 for many reasons which include:  I think it's just about the best one around, I am on the beta test team, and it is freeLogger32 is currently available in its current form which is Version 3.4.0 at:


If you're not currently running a logging program, or if the logging program you're using is unsatisfactory for your work, give Logger32 a try.  It's highly configurable for your personal tastes, it interfaces with almost all transceivers, rotors, and antenna switches plus it has advanced interfaces for your computer's sound card for CW, PSK31, RTTY, etc.  Also, did I mention, it's absolutely free.  Good price, huh?  It's a fantastic program.

There's also a secondary shack location that I like to call "Studio 2."  Click this line to see Studio 2.

These are some assorted thumbnails of the shack and antennas.   Click on a thumbnail to see a larger version

K5LAD - Rohn45 Foldover Tower 1

K5LAD Antenna System 45

K5LAD Beams on 45

K5LAD Rohn25

K5LAD with Station 1

K5LAD with Station 2

K5LAD with Station 3

K5LAD's Station Equipment 1

K5LAD's Station Equipment 2

K5LAD's Station Equipment 3

K5LAD's Station Equipment 4

K5LAD's Station Equipment 5


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