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Classroom War Stories


Originally licensed in 1957 as KN5LAD back when a Novice license was only good for one year. I quickly got a Technician and then a General before the year was over. I got my Advanced in 1971 and kept that until 2001 when I became an Extra.

I've  worked on all bands from 160-70cm and dabbled in many modes:  AM, SSB, RTTY, CW (short dabble), ATV, FM, SSTV. I've been involved in DX, Ragchewing, Contests, Nets, Army MARS, and lots of homebrewing (electronics, that is).   I built the first Army MARS repeater back in 1968 or 69 (can't remember too well back that far).     I built several repeaters on 2, 220, and 70 cm and still own and operate the 146.10/.70 and 444.9/444.3 repeaters in Owasso, OK.

I have RCC, WAS, WAC, DXCC certificates.   I have a sticker for 112 countries and I never did send in any more cards  (Make myself a note...... I gotta do that someday....).

I owned and operated a ham radio store called Derrick Electronics in Broken Arrow (OK)   from 1970-1981.  I also spent 30+ years in education business teaching junior high and high school plus I was the Computer Coordinator for Tulsa Public Schools for 9 years.   I'm a member of Owasso Amateur Radio Club and QCWA.

My wife is Gloria - WA5SNU, my oldest son is Russell - KD6GGI, and my youngest son is Daniel - KF6LMF.   I've had several ham articles published in a computer magazine called One Thousand (Tandy 1000 series) and in 73 Magazine.

Shoe size is.........


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Here's where we live.  Pretty good picture, huh?  If you reeeeeeally squint you can see my tower...... maybe.

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My favorite comedian is Jonathan Winters.  Some people are told that they look like someone famous.  It's not uncommon for people to tell me that I look and act like Jonathan.  I don't mind that at all but I hope that bit of information never gets back to Jonathan since I'm sure he'd be pretty unhappy.

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