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Back in 1994, the 28-year-old son of a friend of mine was found to be in need of a heart transplant.  The operation was quite expensive, as might be expected so several people got together and held a big "talent(??)" show in a local high school auditorium and advertised it well.  The participants in the show were the best that could be found (read this as 'those who were willing to help at no charge').   I was volunteered to do my thing and I was happy to help.  By the way, it was a big success raising lots of money.  The operation was done and was a success and the recipient of the heart transplant was able to live another 13 years.  I was glad I could be a part of this activity.

Someone at the show had a video camera and captured part of the program.  The clip shown here was shot during the time I was on stage and saved for................ who knows why.  I did two songs, "I'm Being Swallowed By A Boa Constrictor" and "My Old Man."   The story I told in between the songs was not captured in its entirety so if you'd like to get the whole thing, click here.

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