ROHN 25G Installation

The following information chronicles the installation of my second tower, a 40 foot ROHN 25G installed to complement the larger 70 foot ROHN 45G holding the larger array of antennas.  The 40 foot height allows for a higher angle of radiation to make stateside contacts easier and leave the higher and larger array for DX contacts............ at least, that's the plan.

These pictures show the preparation of the tower hole.  This was part of the activity shortly before the 1 yard of concrete was poured.   The actual concrete pour was on July 5, 2002.

On October 1, 2002, with the help of Harry, KC5TRB and Dave, KC5OIP, the last two sections went up.   Later, thanks to Mark, WB5MBK, the .70 repeater was installed atop the mast, the mast was raised, and the Ham III rotator was bolted in and connected up.

Even later, thanks to Loyd, AD5MM, the Mosley TA-33jr/MPK was attached, the coax taped down and the tower takes up its intended purpose.  This was during a Saturday where the wind was gusting at around 20MPH.  I was grateful when the job was completed and Loyd could come down.   Loyd, on the other hand, was even more grateful.









I'll get some pictures of the completed tower when it gets a bit warmer.

Updated 04/28/07

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