DENTRON Amplifier Tuned Input Info

Requests for information on what Dentron used for their tuned input circuit for the GLA-1000 amplifier led me to collect some of the information I had and make it available to others.

Located along with this message should be the file called - Dentron Tuned Input.Zip

Looking at the files in the downloadable file you should find:
1. GLA1KB schematic.jpg
Shows the values they used in their schematic

2. GLA1000B parts list.jpg
Since the tuned input circuit became a standard inclusion in the Dentron GLA-1000B, this schematic and parts list should be the same as used in the board Dentron provided for the older 1000s and
probably also for the circuit boards sold by FAR Circuits.

Also included are some information on the Dentron CM-U and CM-1 external tuned input for their larger amplifiers. These units appear, from time to time, on eBay and seem to sell for up around $130-$150 which seems too high for me.
3. Dentron CM-U.jpg
4. Dentron CM-1.jpg
5. Dentron CM-U1.pdf
6. Dentron CM-1 & Addendum.pdf

As an aside, if you have a Dentron amplifier which has no tuned input circuit, you might consider an auto-tuner made for tuning antennas. I have an MLA-2500 amplifier with no tuned input and I had periodically used the auto-tuner in my IC-756PRO but since there is a possibility of having too high voltages leading to its destruction, I wanted to get away from that practice.
I noticed that LDG actually sells the board from their LDG AT-100PRO tuner (no case, etc.) for building inside an amplifier needing tuned input. I almost bought this board but for just a bit more cash outlay I was able to get the complete AT-100PRO tuner and have the case, the indicator LEDs, and a 2 antenna switch option. Also I couldn't see any good location inside the MLA-2500 for the tuner board.

I've been very pleased with the use of the AT-100PRO between my IC-756PRO and my MLA-2500. It allows me to get full power into and out of the amplifier, even on the WARC bands.

Jim - K5LAD
Oct. 15, 2006



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