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Since Amateur Radio is my life-long hobby, my web pages will be primarily about amateur radio, or "Ham Radio" as we like to call it.  You'll see some of my ham projects, both past and present, and also get a chance to meet my family.   Web pages are always a project under construction so these pages are often modified and updated.  So far, you can find the following things on my site:

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Who Am I? 

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My Family  

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Paige on her first day of First Grade

September 2, 2009

Paige's favorite food at Grandma's house

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Paige Last Day 2nd Grade 062211.jpg (107617 bytes)

Paige on her first day of Second Grade - September 1, 2010 Paige on her last day of Second Grade - June 21, 2011       (No, the dog (Cash) didn't go with her to school)

Paige selling GS cookies Jan 2012.jpg (150399 bytes)

Paige selling Girl Scout cookies February 2012

Gloria's Page   What is Ham Radio?   sound3.gif (248 bytes)  
A Tribute to My Mom & Dad  .
My Ham Station - K5LAD RV Information
My Antenna Farm   Stevens Antique 22 Rifle  
My 4-1000A Amplifier    For Sale and Wanted Stuff - 
Installing a Mobile Rig In a Silverado   Humor and Inspirational
Installing a Mobile Rig In a 2007 Tahoe Here's my pride and joy
Inside Those Bird Slugs RocketPort Info
Assorted Ham Stuff               Several new.gif (143 bytes) new.gif (143 bytes) new.gif (143 bytes) things Downloadable files
“I can’t work 80 meters, I don’t have a good 80 meter antenna”                                      Click for Current Owasso Weather
Modifying a Dentron Super Tuner new.gif (143 bytes) Jim's Solo/Quartet Experiment  new.gif (143 bytes)
Good Info and Documentation for Dentron MT-3000A Tuner new.gif (143 bytes) Yaesu FT-736R VHF/UHF transceiver Informationnew.gif (143 bytes) new.gif (143 bytes) new.gif (143 bytes)
K5LAD QSLs through the years    Features in Logger32 to Which You May Not Be Aware new.gif (143 bytes)
Good Info and Documentation for Dentron AT-3K Tuner new.gif (143 bytes) Review of Logger32  
ICOM IC-720A Accessories and Modifications LogPrint Multiple Label Suggestions 
LogPrint Single, Multiple Label, and Print Your Own QSL Cards -- Major Update  new.gif (143 bytes)
FT-817 Portable Antenna and Assorted 817 Tips Logger32 - Setting up Audio Alerts   new.gif (143 bytes)
Electron Benders ARC and W5OK No Child Left Behind
Repairing Antenna Rotators   new.gif (143 bytes)

Added August 2014

Prostate Cancer Radiation Diary
50+ Years in Ham Radio - K5LAD stories    new.gif (143 bytes) The Hospital visit
Dentron GLA-1000 Model A-2  My Favorite Links anilinks.gif (737 bytes)   


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