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updated Saturday, 28 June 2003

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Most Recent MOOs:

TerraMOO 28 June 03
web access
[Terra was set up by, is run by, and is partially modeled after St. Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace in Brisbane. It opened on 14 September 2001. There are no guest log-ins.]

Galaxy Web: Stellar Epoch 19 June 03
moo.squidsoft.net 6666
documentation * discussion forum
[Learn about an ancient interstellar computer net known as the Galaxy Web. This space MOO has been open to the public since 12 October 2001. There are no guest log-ins, so you will need to create a SquidSoft.net account.]

Writers of D'ni 15 June 2003
dni.iflipout.com 7250
[It is based on the best-selling computer games of all time: Myst, Riven, and Myst III: Exile. It takes place in D'ni, around 7000 D.E., where the D'ni Council is yet new. It is a roleplaying MOO based within the D'ni universe, where players have free reign to build Ages, explore, meet other dedicated Myst/Riven/D'ni/Cyan fans, and of course, roleplay.]

Dragon Dreams MOO 15 June 2003
dragondreams.servegame.com 7007
[It is a fantasy set in the world of Khariea, "where elves, pixies, dwarves, and humans bond with telepathic dragons to defeat the threat of the evil gryphons."]

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