Mars/Cap & Freeband modifications for VX-7R: 

1 Remove battery 
2 Remove black sticker (right above cellular warnings) 
3 For Mars/Cap, remove solder jumper 5 
4 for Freeband, remove solder jumper 4 
5 Put sticker/battery back on. 
6 Press [4] + [Band] + [V/M] keys while turning radio on.  Press F key to reset radio. Done. *You will loose any stored memory channels and other personal settings when VX-7R is reset. 

Mars/Cap & Freeband TX frequencies for VX-7R: 

Freeband TX: 40.000Mhz - 224.995Mhz & 300Mhz - 579.995Mhz 

Mars/Cap TX: 50Mhz - 54Mhz 140Mhz - 174Mhz & 222Mhz - 225Mhz & 420Mhz - 470Mhz.

Check The approximate power levels on all bands after modification.

Update 2/2003: Software modifications are possible now!  See software section for more details.



Close UP Photo of The VX-7R's Modification Solder Jumper Area
Notice the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 printed on the circuit board. The solder jumpers (solder blob) are right below the 1-8 printed on the circuit board.  To modify your radio, just use some solder wick (available at Radio Shack) to either remove the solder from pad 4 or pad 5.  Notice solder pads 4 & 5 are still intact - this is the factory (unmodified) USA configuration for the VX-7R.

Also notice the 4 unmarked solder pads in the right upper corner of the modification area.  At this time, the function of these connection is unknown.


VX-7R Versions
TYP: C2 = Euro
TYP: A1 = Japan
TYP: B = can config. to any country


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