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A special welcome to students of English 210e! This is the WWW help and information site for VUW MOO. The Virtual campus at the University of Waterloo (VUW) MOO is a internet accessible, multi-user, text-based virtual environment which allows for near rea l time conferencing. By connecting to VUW, students can interact with each other, and hold discussions specific to English 210e. Students may also choose to use the MOO as a means of getting to know each other, and pass less stringent leisure time. For a more detailed description of MUDs and MOOs, click here. If you are entirely new to English 210e and to VUW, click here for a more extensive introduction.

This homepage is designed to get new users of the VUW familiar with the basics of using a MOO, from communication to movement to handling objects. Extensive online help is also available on VUW itself. The MOO is not a requisite of the formal universi ty undergraduate course, but is rather a supplement. Students are not required to participate in this extra-circular activity; however, in some cases, the MOO will provide students with their only chance at "live" interaction with others in the course. VUW i s intended to be a helpful learning tool, not a strict academic requirement. If you do choose to embark on an exciting adventure through the Internet and cyberspace, please read on.

Please check here periodically for important news, announcements, and updates regarding VUW.

Whats Going On...

VUW Open for Guest Access
Posted : Friday, September 8th, 1995
If you'd like to see VUW as a guest, please telnet to " 7777" and type "connect guest". Current mostly finished projects are 1) Conference Areas 2) Leisure Plaza 3) Student Housing 4) Interview Room.

Posted: Monday, October 2nd, 1995
Every Tuesday between the hours of 7pm and 9pm EST, VUW will host a general course gathering, open to all students and instructors. During this time, students will get the opportunity to discuss course issues with each other, and with instructors. To join the gathering, just connect to the MOO, and head to the general conference room (to quickly access it, teleport there by typing "@go hagey" and heading west).

The following tutorials provide extended, step by step instructions for learning how to use VUW. For a briefer account of using VUW, please check the quick reference section below.

A Quick Starting Guide for the Impatient
Connecting to VUW
Communicating with Others on VUW
Moving Around and Manipulating Objects in the Virtual World
Using MOO Internal Editors & Mailers

For the intermediate and experienced users, a quick reference of the common commands, and summaries. Without as much detail as the tutorials above, these provide lists of common MOO commands. Extensive online references are also available from within VUW.

Communicating with Other Users
Manipulation of Objects
List of TinyMUD/MUSH Command Equivalents in MOO

MUD Introduction and History
The University of Waterlo's UWInfo
Telnet Link to VUW: For use only by those who have the proper TELNET-BROWSER configuration setup on their system.

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