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updated Sunday 28 November 99

Greetings! On Sunday, 9November97, I redid the layout for these pages. My list is now in three parts (MOO Listings A-G - MOO Listings H-O - MOO Listings P-Z). I hope this makes it easier for people to find their way to what they are looking for. I have plans for other major changes so please stop back soon. Recently, I have been asked many times why I have this list. This list, along with my MOO essay were my first HTML projects. I now get paid to do web design and I hold this initial project very near and dear to my heart. Also, people link to me from all over the web and I enjoy providing this service. Happy MOOing!

On Saturday, 15November97, I started creating lists by category. Please check out my list of Social MOOs. I also have a list of Miscellaneous MOOs, which are MOOs that don't fit into the categories of educational, ESL, research, RPG, sci-fi, or social (MOOs listed as other).

19January98: As of mid-January, we are back online. We were gone for almost a month, as the server was upgraded. Sorry for the inconvinience.

29January98: This site is now being mirrored at

8February98: I just completed my Educational MOOs list.

Wednesday, 16September98: The aliceweb mirror no longer exists but I do have a mirror at I am making an effort to keep this list very up to date, as it was for its first few years of life. Thanks to everyone who has sent additions and corrections!

Sunday, 6June99: After finally managing to get myself graduated from college, I am on an updating flury. I just made a new category page: Foreign Language (ESL) MOOs. Enjoy!

Sunday, 28 November 99: The mirror for this site has moved from to

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