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Last update: May 1, 1998

This list includes both the home pages for specific servers flavors, and MUD-related FTP archives. The number of individual FTP archives for MUD-related material is proliferating, since there are only a few large sites archiving material related to MUDs in general, rather than specific servers. Also, because an increasing amount of material on the Net is available via WWW-based archives rather than FTP, download-oriented webpages are also included here. This list is broken down by category.
o General
o LP and related
o Diku and related
o Other


A major MUD archive, with reasonably up-to-date versions of most clients and servers, the most up-to-date FAQs, pictures of MUDders, and documentation. The emphasis here is on Tiny-style MUDs, although this is a reasonably reliable place to find any client or server that lacks its own major FTP archive.

This was once one of the most popular and up-to-date collections of MUD-related items. A lot of older things can still be found here, particularly those which have vanished off other FTP sites.

An archive containing a mixture of code for a variety of different MUDs. Also serves as the primary distribution site for SMAUG (Diku/Merc derivative). It is indexed by a WWW page.

The archive for TinyFugue, the most popular MUD client available.

o WinSock Client Page
This page gives detailed, useful information about the various MUD clients that utilize WinSock.

o tkMOO-light
This page details a Tcl/TK client for UNIX, Windows 95/NT, and the Macintosh.

o Mudslide
This is the home page for a MUD client written in Java.

o Macintosh MUD Resources
MUDding and the Macintosh: clients, servers, and other useful bits.


o (also try
(Formerly the archive at The archive site for old MUDlists and general MUSH stuff (server code, clients, MUSHcode packages, and documentation). This is the official distribution point for TinyMUSH 2.0; the PennMUSH distributions here are out of date, and TinyMUSH 2.2 has its own distribution site. Nonetheless, there are some things of particular interest:
o MUSHcode Packages (various authors)
o TinyMUSH (version 2.0.10 patchlevel 5)
o TinyMUSH (version 2.0.10 patchlevel 6, also need patches)

o MUSH and MUX Source Code
This is the official FTP archive for TinyMUSH 2.2, TinyMUX, and the MUSH Manual.

o Kynn's MUSHcode Index
This is an index for MUSHcode which is publicly available via FTP.

A directory here is used for Amberyl's personal (small) FTP archive, for MUSH-server-related things, as well as Tess Snider's handy mtrans ascii-picture-to-MUSH-format translator. Development information for TinyMUSH 2.2 is also available from a password-protected archive (development team only).

o TinyMUSH/Mac
The port of TinyMUSH for the Macintosh.

An archive site for some useful utilities, including the logedit program, which edits the output of logs into a prettified format (specifically for MUSH, although the program can be tweaked for other types of MUDs). Also, this is the official distribution point for PennMUSH.
o logedit 2.5 (written in C)
o logedit 2.6.8 (requires perl)
o PennMUSH (source and patches)

LP and Related

The major archive site for LP-MUD and related drivers, including MudOS and DGD. Other related material is also available here, including mudlibs, documentation, and clients.

Another archive site for LP-MUD and related drivers (MudOS, DGD, and CD). Drivers, mudlibs, clients and documentation are available here.

Diku and Related

A small archive of DikuMUD code (specifically the "Merc" variant), LP-MUD mudlibs and drivers, and assorted related things. It's not always kept terribly up-to-date.

The official archive site for CircleMUD, a Diku variant. See its home page for details.


The archive site for MOO. It includes server code, core databases, and documentation. There is also a collection of papers.

The archive site for MUSE. It also contains some MOO and ColdMUD-related things.

The archive site for CoolMUD. There's also a WWW index to it.

This is the main archive for ColdMUD. ColdMUD has been abandoned by its original author, but there are still ongoing projects involving it, such as ColdC Genesis. More information is available on its home page.

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